Dichroic film has a magical color-changing effect. It can be in different angles and light, changing into different colors. It often used to create high-end interior decoration, especially in the field of doors and windows curtain walls. This is a modern, luxurious, elegant, beautiful ideal environmental protection new building materials products.

        Features of dichroic film:


  1. With smart colors, different angles show different colors.


  1. The use of imported PET material, more environmentally friendly. With super toughness, dichroic film added special super tough material fiber content, wear resistance and tear resistance, longer service life.


  1. It can effectively improve the safety of glass. When the glass is broken by accidental impact, it can prevent the debris from scattering and reduce the secondary damage caused by debris to the person.


  1. It has the characteristics of transparent and indistinct. It has high permeability and brightness, and can create a dreamlike effect of staggered light and shadow, some angles are clear and bright, some angles are bright and hidden, with the change of perspective conditions and lighting conditions, showing different appearances.